"The mother of all puzzle games, Tetris, returns on WiiWare with an unprecedented number of modes." - Nintendo Power

You know Tetris, but do you know how to party? Tetris Party brings brand-new ways to enjoy Tetris with 18 exciting modes, online battles, and multiplayer fun for groups of friends and family. And because it’s on the Wii, even the way you play Tetris is brand new—you can use the Wii Remote, Wii Balance Board, or Classic Controller to experience the fun.

Take control of the game with the Wii Remote or Classic Controller. Easy-to-use controls make playing Tetris a snap for all players. Use the point-and-shoot features of the Wii Remote to utilize the special items in the multi-player modes.

New modes such as Co-op Tetris, Duel Spaces, Field Climber, Stage Racer, and Shadow are just a few of the many fun ways to enjoy one of the most popular video games of all time. Each mode is further customizable to deliver the perfect Tetris experience.

Quick Reference Guide

Looking for a little extra help with the game? We've created a handy quick reference guide to assist you with becoming more familiar with Tetris Party. Simply download and print for future use.

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Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can go online to play against other opponents around the world.

Game Modes

  • Marathon

    Ready to go the extra mile?

    The traditional game of Tetris challenges you to earn as many points as possible over 15 levels of play, or tests your endurance with the "Endless" mode.

    Marathon Screen Shot One

    Pay close attention to your Mii. Your Mii will react according to how well you're doing!

    Marathon Screen Shot Two

    Play up to 4 players. Turn on the special items to add a new level of excitement.

  • Field Climber

    Climb your way to the top!

    Help the little climber shimmy his way up to the top of the Matrix by creating a path using the Tetriminos. Hit checkpoints along the way by reaching specially-marked flags to advance to the next level.

    Field Climber Screen Shot One

    Your climber can climb only one block at a time, so stack your Tetriminos carefully to avoid creating obstacles he can't pass.

    Field Climber Screen Shot One

    It's a race to the goal! The faster player wins, but watch where you're dropping those Tetriminos—you might trap or, even worse, squash your climber.

  • Stager Racer

    Race a Tetrimino to the finish line!

    Use your Tetris skills to guide a Tetrimino through a scrolling course to reach the finish line. After mastering the beginner courses, give the advanced courses a try.

    Stage Racer Screen Shot One

    Knowing when to rotate the Tetriminos clockwise or counterclockwise is key to success.

    Stage Racer Screen Shot Two

    Earn victory by crossing the finish line first or by outlasting your opponents as you navigate the same narrow passages.

  • Shadow

    Reveal the hidden images!

    Drop Tetriminos into the Matrix with careful precision to fill in a shaded design. New Mino shapes are included to permit a greater variety of puzzles. Use these wisely or you'll lose percentage points for coloring outside the lines!

    Shadow Screen Shot One

    Try to fill in 100% of the puzzle to earn the most points.

    Shadow Screen Shot Two

    Completing the puzzle first is good, but be sure not to skip over too many pieces or your opponents may win with accuracy.

  • Co-op

    It takes two to Tetris!

    Play simultaneously with a friend on an extra-wide Matrix. Each player takes control of specific Tetrimino shapes, so communicate with your partner to pull off big moves and score big points. Co-op can be played with only two players.

    Co-op Screen Shot

    Clear communication and complete cooperation is key to success!

  • Duel Spaces

    That space is mine!

    Try to capture as much of the Matrix as possible from your opponent. Drop Tetriminos to seal off sections in this turn-based mode. Duel Spaces can be played with only two players.

    Duel Spaces Screen Shot

    Players will alternate making their moves. Be sure to not leave an open space for your opponent to capture.

  • Wii Balance Board

    Put your weight into it!

    The Wii Balance Board took the gaming world by storm with Wii Fit; now you can use the innovative device to play Tetris in a whole new way. Lean left and right to move the Tetriminos left or right; lean forward or backwards to increase the drop speed; squat to rotate them!

    Wii Balance Board Screen Shot 1

    A narrow Matrix and simple Mino shapes help you get the hang of it.

    Wii Balance Board Screen Shot 2

    Take on the computer for the ultimate workout.

    Wii Balance Board sold separately with Wii Fit.
  • Wi-Fi Battle

    Challenge the rest of the world!

    Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can go online to play against other opponents around the world. Search for friends or create special rooms for others to join you. Setting up matches with your friends is a piece of cake. Play with items to add an extra dimension of fun!

    Wii Balance Board Screen Shot 1

    Use the Wii Remote to aim and fire your items at your opponents!

  • More

    The party never ends!

    Tetris Party offers a variety of other modes for you to enjoy by yourself, with friends and family, or against the rest of the world.

    Beginner's Mode Screen Shot

    Learn the basic fundamentals of Tetris using simple shapes and a narrow Matrix. Perfect for all ages!

    Hot Lines Screen Shot

    It's a mad dash to clear the randomly chosen lines in the deceptively challenging Hot Lines mode.

    Records Screen Shot

    Track your progress with in-game statistics. Over 130 achievements are awarded for your efforts.

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